e-Currency Exchange and Transfer Service

We are an international e-currency exchange services to buy any kind of digital purse with PayPal or with a credit card. Luna provides a safe online environment for users to buy Bitcoin, WMZ, and Perfect Money with PayPal and Credit Card. You may also sell your online e-currency with just a mouse click. We accept selling WMZ and PM worldwide and payment via International bank wire. The main principle of our company is the professional access to needs of our clients. Every client is very important for us.

Process your e-currency exchange with us now by using your account. Also, we offer a service to buy bitcoin instantly with credit card which you find nowhere else. It is one of the best bitcoin exchange services in the internet and money transfer market. We intend to be the best around and offer you a stress-free experience. We value our customers and their business, so their satisfaction is our first priority. Through our fair and personal approach, we can offer reliable exchange service to customers wishing to buy WebMoney with a credit card. This is not just another marketing mantra for us. We work hard every day to become the best digital currency service on the market.

Required Steps:

  • Choose to use PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Click on the link in the left sidebar.
  • Enter your billing information and receiving account number.
  • Hit the submit button and exchange your e-currency.

Features of Our Exchange Service

Each new currency has unique and one of a kind feature. While we all hope that every virtual money has it’s own one of a kind purpose, etc. It’s not good that there are many fake and clone e-currencies out there today. Many types of virtual funds are stored on digital wallets which are called the purse. There might be too many various types of purses and a high number of websites that offer WebMoney exchange. Although we have heard some bad stories about some websites, but we have never scammed anyone. We strongly recommend that you research for yourself before depositing in any exchange website.

Like MoneyGram and PayPal, WebMoney confirms transactions by its instant system which lists them in your account. It creates an instant notification in order to secure the system. This allows many users to stay put and worry free about the status of the WebMoney exchange. To approve a transfer, the user should log into his or her account in and check the purse amount in “recent transfers” section. This checking avoids previous transfers from being altered as duplicating will result in an error on the system. With the secure and unified system, no one can alter what has already happened in the purse. Also, no one can remove or modify some parts of their own spent money.

Differences Between Price and Value in WMZ

The main difference between PayPal to Bitcoin and PayPal to Perfect Money is not in the price and value of their currency transfers. It is in the payment processing methods which we are aiming to achieve which makes the differences. Developers tend to find new and unique protocols to improve what they see as leaks in WebMoney exchange protocol. So the important changes are 1. Less effect from purses and their energy use. 2. Gaining more speed to transferring money. 3. Changing at a more system size as well as the better rates.

There are many great bitcoin and WebMoney exchanges that are worth to try. Some of its benefits are influencing markets around the globe. Therefore, these new systems support worldwide users, investors, and companies. It can shape a better future and promise better aspects of finance because it backs the paper money. Also, there are many other benefits to the users which we will discuss in details.

Difficulty to Operate Payment Methods

Nowadays, anyone can easily copy anything which is digital. The main difficulty for using and performing any virtual payment method is to ensure that no one is able to spend the same money more than once. In its tradition ways, companies like PayPal and Visa overcome this difficulty by the help of their core system. These companies have a reliable service that verifies all of the transactions. In 2003 we saw a welcomed use of digital currencies and users gave a warm welcome for exchanging PayPal to WebMoney. As well as other currencies like Perfect Money USA. The main innovation that makes WMZ stands out above the rest is that its transactions are instant. Therefore, There is no consensus of a massive peer to peer groups or networks to check payments. This unified system also makes transactions non-reversible and affordable.

WMZ purse is like a US dollar in your pocket with a secure system attached to it to prevent any loss. Thus, there is a central authority in charge of this system. Different programmers in Russia share their time creating a perfect system. Also, they can make modifications subject to the approval of lead developers. Users then choose whether to install the latest version of the program. Also, they can stick with the web-based software too. It is in the account owner’s choice to accept changes that are great and leading to a better trading later on. These checks and changes make it hard to misuse the system.

Safe WebMoney Exchange by Luna

Luna encrypts and hard code your order info by a Secure Sockets Layer protocol. All of your data in transit from your computer to ours using are safe and secure. Our SSL protocol has an encryption key length of 128-bits. This key length is the highest level available). We assure you about the safety and efficiency of every order and transaction. Your money is in good hands with us. Please use the left sidebar for your WebMoney exchange needs. We thank you for your business with us.